5-Min Meditation

Meditation is a state of being. Our perception of objective information around us, prevents us from being in that state. Our brain filters a large amount of external information, but the almost continuous inflow of information creates a sort of tsunami effect and we feel restless. During those stages we tend to be in a hyper active mode. Sometimes, that hyper active state may earn us social hyperactive recognition. We pay a heavy price for it. At some point in time in our lives, our inner nature leads us to seek peace, while slowing down. We want to slow down but don’t know how. Our habitual behavior forces us to multitask in the disguise of saving time. That behavior leads to frustration, due to inefficiency and unprofessional production, and that in turn leads us to exhaustion.

To come out of that, various concentration/Dharana techniques have been suggested. Guided meditation is not a meditation state but a concentration technique, it’s a prequalifier. During Guided meditation, either the ears or eyes are kept open, while the other gates of perception (nose, taste buds, and touch sensations) are closed. The rushed flow of external information is curtailed, controlled and guided. Hence, the mind feels relatively quiet; guiding us to a further quieter state and eventually to meditation.

An aspirant is highly advised to enjoy that quieter state, which leads to a state of happening, which is meditation.

Guided Meditation

Five Minutes Relaxation with AUM:

Five Minutes Relaxation with Chakras:

Five minutes Relaxation with Bindu:

Five Minutes Relaxation with Parts of Body: