Lecture Series
Question by an aspirant:
My spiritual guide is dead. How can I get in touch with him or his spirit?

Answered by Soneji some time ago:
Spiritual guide or guru is not a one-time affair and is not time dependent. Teacher and student relationship is temporary and time dependent. Once a guru always the guru, whether he is in his present body or not. It is his spirit that constantly guides you. Or rather your momentarily transformed awareness leads to illumination and your inner sincere queries get answered.

A young girl was asked, “How do your questions get answered?” She beautifully said, “I sit silently and contemplate how my guru would answer this question if somebody raised these sorts of questions and by evening my questions definitely get answered”. Guru is always with you. AUM SHAHANA VAVATU (may we live together), SAHANAU BHUNAKTU (may we be nourished together ), SAHA VIRYAM KARAVAVAHAI (may we learn the brilliance of your knowledge together ), MA VIDVESHAVAHAI (may we never have pride, prejudice or ego). This is the prayer they always chant together. Their hearts have been deeply cleansed with this divine nectar of holy prayer. Your purified consciousness and your guru’s consciousness are not different. All it is, is just a mass of unified field of consciousness, which is inseparable, indivisible. May I suggest please, live with the same adoration and respect for your guru, and your profound depth of unshakable faith will transform you gradually, slowly but surely. And a time shall come when you will deserve His grace fully and all your questions will be dissolved. You may not have answers but there will not be any questions because questioner will be dissolved and hence questions will be dissolved too. And all that will prevail is profound silence, love, grace, beauty, light, knowledge, nothingness, fullness……….whatever you may want to say…..since nothing can be said…..because that experience will be beyond mind and perception… Hari AUM