Why Sarathi

The name Sarathi is most appropriate. In Sanskrit, Sarathi means a charioteer, a guide, a helper. Thus, we are to live our lives with the realization that the Divine is our charioteer. Divinity leads and guides our life, but most of us are not aware of it. The purpose of this movement is to help us become aware that the Divine is guiding our lives and is our greatest ally.

We can all learn to look at our lives with the proper perspective. Moments of difficulty, especially the worst moments, may appear to us as insurmountable problems with no hope of resolve, no ray of light in the gloom. At these moments, something miraculous can happen. These difficulties can begin to dissolve or to lose their power over us. Perhaps you can remember a time in your life in which this occurred. This is Divinity at play, teaching us, helping us to see more clearly.

The Divine is not something or someone foreign to us. Divinity is ever present within us to guide us. But instead, we often put our trust outside of ourselves for help. In all spiritual traditions, we are instructed to surrender to the Truth, to Divinity.

Mission Statement

In the Bhagavad-Gita, at the moment of battle, Lord Krishna advises Arjuna not to worry. Arjuna is told to surrender to the Divine wholeheartedly to be free from all troubles. This divine help is available not only to Arjuna but to each of us, because it is within us.

Yoga is not a call to shun life or to escape from life. It is a call to face life boldly and fight against all difficulties like a warrior. Yoga does not preach cowardice. It is a call to action. It is a call to get on with the journey of an adventurous life which may be full of trials as well as joy. Sarathi calls you to join this adventurous way of life.