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Prāna Shakti


Prāna shakti is a yogic technique used for healing. In this process the Prāna, the bio-plasmic energy, is derived from the sun and temporarily stored in Ajna Chakra, a psychic center at the pineal gland, in the mid-brain region. It is then taken, via the spine and a specific junction point (usually located at the center of the spine) to the affected part in your body. The affected parts is given a healing bath in a radiant manner, as if you poured water over your head and feel it flowing down in all directions.

The technique is divided into two parts. The first part is receiving and storing Prāna, and the second one is healing with Prāna. Before we begin, let us understand an important point: that all the movement of energy is during inhalation only.

Receiving and storing Prāna

First, let us prepare our body. Make it an efficient vehicle for Prāna by breathing in smoothly through nose, and breathing out uniformly and gracefully through the center of the lips as slowly as possible. Carry on with this type of respiration, keeping eyes closed, at least 11 times, enjoying progressive relaxation, physical as well as mental. Exhale fully, and at the end of exhalation, visualize the sun. As you begin inhaling, the Prāna from the sun rides along the wave of inhalation, starting from the sun and ending in the Ajna Chakra. The wave of inhalation completes its journey at the Ajna Chakra. Hold the breath for 5 to 10 seconds and, during this holding, empty and store the Prāna, the energy, at the Ajna Chakra, the reservoir of energy.

Visualize the whole head to be full of holes like a sieve and breathe out through all the pores of the head.

At the end of exhalation, reach back to the sun. Begin inhaling and let the Prāna rise on the wave of inhalation, reaching the Ajna Chakra at the end of inhalation. Hold the breath for 5 to 10 seconds and, while holding the breath, empty and store the Prāna at the Ajna Chakra. Repeat this process of receiving and storing of Prāna not more than 11 times, or sooner, if the head feels heavier.

In this section, let us review an important point where all energy movement is during inhalation only. Exhalation is passive, with no energy activity.

Before we proceed with the healing cycle, let us learn the following terminal, or junction, points.

Chakras along the center of the spine


Ajna Behind the center of eyebrows, at the center of your brain chakras along the spine
Vishuddhi Behind your voice box
Anāhat Behind your heart
Manipur Behind your belly button
Swādhisthān At the end of the spine
Moolādhār In the groin region

Healing with Prāna

Exhale and, at the end of exhalation, reach to your Ajna Chakra. Inhale, thinking that your breath is like a wave that Prāna is riding on, reaching to a junction point after traveling along your spine. All the Prāna now originates from the Ajna Chakra and reaches to the affected part via the junction point. At the end of inhalation, hold the breath from 5 to 10 seconds and give a radiant healing bath to the affected part with the Prāna . Breathe out from the body as if the body has thousands of pores all over.

At the end of exhalation, reach again to your Ajna Chakra. Inhalation begins and Prāna rides along the wave of inhalation along the spine to the affected part via the junction point. At the end of inhalation, give the affected part a radiant Prāna -bath with healing confidence. Continue the healing cycle until Ajna Chakra feels empty.

Let us take an example of a heart patient. Having received the prāna shakti from the sun and stored at the Ajna Chakra as mention earlier, now as you inhale, take Prāna shakti from Ajna Chakra along with your breath to travel along the spine to reach to Anāhat Chakra, located at the center of your spine behind the lower right hand corner of your heart. From Anāhat Chakra take it to your physical heart at the completion of your breath. Hold your breath for five to ten seconds. During this holding pour the energy on your heart giving a radiant bath. Exhale through all the pores all over your body. At the end of exhalation please go back to Ajna Chakra and keep repeating the cycles, until Ajna Chakra feels empty and head feels very light.

Relax and meditate upon the fully rejuvenated part of your body. With a sense of gratitude and acknowledgment, enjoy serenity and divinity within. Try to put your mind where your heart is, and may your inner light guide you.

Hari AUM.

Feel free to listen to Prāna Shakti for the rejuvenation of various organs.



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